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Travelling to Kerala

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

Just a quick update today.

Yesterday we were very sad to say goodbye to our driver Harpreet. He drove us to Delhi and we got on a plane south to Kerala.

The original reason we planned this trip was to attend my friend Priya's wedding. Her family is from Kerala, a southern state of India. We decided to travel a little earlier so we could tour Northern India, and it was definitely a great idea!

We arrived in Kochi pretty late and headed straight to the airbnb.

This morning we explored the area a bit. We visited Mattancherry Palace, which had beautiful frescos of the Ramayana, which is an Indian epic poem. We also stopped by the old Synagogue nearby, but we couldn't go inside since it is Saturday.

Finally we met up with Priya and some of her friends from university at the seamstress, before driving to Alleppey, where we're staying tonight!

Edited and picture added in June 2019

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