• Julie

Umadevi the Elephant

We started off the day by going to a beach, unfortunately the water was too rough to swim, but we waded and got to splash around a bit.

Then, the most exciting part of our day happened when we got to meet Umadevi the elephant! At first we were taking pictures with her, and she was touching us with her trunk. She wrapped her trunk around my hand once and pulled me closer. Then a few of us got a chance to climb up onto her back and go for a bit of a ride! Climbing up was kind of hard, but she held up one of her legs for us to step on. Afterwards we helped feed her some treats and a rice mixture of some sort, and we watched her step on coconuts to break them apart before eating them. It was amazing!

We went to another beach afterwards, and then had dinner at a mall and did some snack shopping before heading back to our airbnb.

Edited and pictures added in June 2019

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