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Rain and the Houseboat

It's been two days since we last had internet. So, as promised, I took some pictures of the resort yesterday morning. It was raining, but not too badly, so I walked around a bit before breakfast.

It was a very cute place and it would have been nice to stay longer. Afterwards we made our way to the houseboat. This is when the rain really started. We finally got to the boat, after taking our bus to an area where the street got too narrow and we needed a rickshaw, and then climbing through one boat to get to ours. The boat was nice and we spent some time going on a ride around the lake. We passed by huge rice fields which just looked like someone drew squares in the lake. We also stopped at a little shop and bought snacks! That evening, we played some board games until almost 1 in the morning before finally going to bed.

Today was a bit of a struggle as we left the houseboat and our driver had to find our way to the house we're staying at for the next few days. In India, at least in this part, addresses don't really seem to exist, which results in a lot of stopping to ask for directions. It also continued to rain on and off (but mostly on) all day. This is causing a lot of problems in Kerala, including the airport we're supposed to be using to leave being closed due to flooding On the bright side, we finally made it to the house we're staying at in Vazhoor, and we have internet for the next few days. We're just hoping the rain doesn't derail too many of the wedding and touring plans! At least the view out of our window is cool.

Edited and pictures added June 2019

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